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To become informed about mobile game design and to preserve the integrity and quality of gaming, everyone should become aware of 'shovelware'.

Hello fellow gaming enthusiast, or perhaps curious onlooker. Welcome, I'm Brandon, the creator of this website and this initiative. I won't belabor you with who I am, instead I would rather focus on the issue at hand, Gaming. Gaming is the reason why I started this initiative, and it is the driving force behind this site. Specifically it focuses upon a few key game design practices within the mobile game industry.

It is no surprise that the mobile game industry has experienced significant growth over the past decade and it shows no signs of slowing down. Given the number of mobile devices in use today it is clear that mobile games are the future of gaming. Many future gamers will be introduced to the gaming world through mobile devices, it is of the utmost importance that their experiences are well designed and inspiring. As a gamer myself, I am interested and concerned with the development of modern gaming technology. Helping to educate and preserve the integrity of gaming as an entertainment medium, this is what has inspired me to try and gather more information about mobile gaming and share it with others.

Want to help spread the word and the initiative? Below are some assets you can use to spread awareness and learn more about mobile gaming.